The aura is a complex, multi-dimensional vibration-bundle which contains all information about you. A small portion of the aura is known as the light around the body, the halo. The complete aura exists both within and without time/space and contains all your spiritual bodies and reaches to the edges of the universe. Aura contains every color and shade in the rainbow and usually extends 1-6 feet from the body. Its colors, patterns and textures reveal much information about emotional, physical, mental and spiritual states. Your aura may contain different colours, but one colour usually predominates.

Damage to the aura affects the physical body, the chakric body, the emotional body, the physical life-process and future. In other words damage to aura is a stumbling block to happy life. Aura is damaged by different antagonists: conflict situations, psychic attack, stress, anger, jealously, envious eye, black magic, radiation etc. Ritual abuse considers the worst antagonist.

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