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Don't read "Beat Hapland 2 tips"  if you think you can figure it out.
Click the hatch to make it open. Click the red button to turn it to an arrow and then click the arrow underneath it to make the guy fall through the open hatch. Click the sign so it goes back to the red button. So far so good. Top left corner: Click the lamp shade and turn on the switch to make the balls visible. Click the bird to make him pick up a ball. As he crosses the screen, click the first cloud right as he passes it to make him drop the ball on the little underwater antenna, bomb looking things. Wait for the bird to go back to his little perch and click him again. This time wait for the bird to just about reach the 2nd cloud and then click the 2nd cloud. He drops it in the catapult. Back to the stick guy who fell through the hatch. Click the tub to the right of him and a bomb will pop out. When he picks it up, click the arrow underneath the sign repeatedly and he'll throw the bomb which should be pushed by the sign and blow up the door. Click pink lid to the tub and it will slide over. Click it a couple more times and it will form a ramp. Click the stick guy and he will go into the house. Click the pink blob on top of the roof and he will jump down. Click him again and he will cross the screen and go into the water. Click the underground switch that makes the round thing glow and then click the blue button on the right of it. The stairs will spin clockwise. Click the stairs and they will slide over near the door. Ring the doorbell and the stick guy will come out and go on top where the catapult is. Pay attention. The first cloud will blow up when clicked on 3 times (let's hope you weren't playing around). Click the cloud either once or twice until the cloud blows up. As soon as you can, click the man to launch the catapult. The ball will go through the acid rain and become a fireball. It will burn up the banner and destroy the bomb on the top level. Click him again and he'll go back in the house... Now the castle thingy. Click the top left guy and he'll walk safely across the bridge and down the next level. Click the top left hatch and another stick man comes out. When you see the butterfly thingy, click the fan in the wall repeatedly until it goes through the wall and bothers the other guy. Click the bottom right guy again and he'll walk across the next bridge. Click the guy who came out the hatch and he fall to the bottom. Switch the water flow to the right using the arrow. Click the middle guy to drop the bridge and then click the top guy to drop the box and let out the fish into the water. Open the large drill looking thing and the fish will get caught on the fishing line. Stop water flow. Click the guy with the line and he'll eat the fish and jump onto the top roof. Click him one last time and he will go into the door and light the first torch. Work on this and I might post the rest in a few.

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