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My Happy Ending

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Each of us has its own thoughts about happy ending and pathway to happiness. The pursuit of happy ending is one of the primary goals of all people. My Happy Ending page allows you to say others about your happy ending and how do you see your happy ending, share your own pathways to happiness.

Find below different words about happy ending. Don't be too critical, because everybody has all rights to have its own point of view about happy ending:

"I need love in my life to be truly happy! There will not be my happy ending without it!" - James, USA

"My happy ending is being free always and able to do what enjoy everyday." - Joan, USA

"Being with my family and my friends = my happy ending, without them there will not be happy ending." - Linda, USA

"My happy ending is the day when there's no bills to pay." - Amanda, USA

"... money doesn't buy u love, but it buys u happy ending." - John, USA

"Friendly family and love has a major part of my happy ending. Money is the key to my happy ending, because I wouldn't have to stress about things I want to have." - Robert, UK

"To achieve happy ending cultivate yourself, wake up to your life. To seek happy ending outside is to leave it behind." - Patricia, France

"My happy ending is when I no more growing old." - Daniel, France

"Happy ending can only come from one person, yourself! Without sadness and failures you will never realize what is your happy ending." - Barbara, USA

"My happy ending is having friends, my happy ending is the love to care for someone, my happy ending is the joy of helping someone and the feeling someone needs me." - Elizabeth, UK

"My happy ending = happy sex." - George, USA

"My happy ending is making more than I spent, my happy ending is my wife loves me and my children are ok." - Karl, Germany

"In order to achieve my happy ending I first realized what makes me happy most of all. Happiness does not come to you and says, "Hi! Would you like to be my friend?" I went ahead and earned my happy ending. It took persistence to succeed and achieve my happy ending." - Donald, USA

"My happy ending is my happy state of mind." - Crystal, Australia

"It doesn't matter what I got or have but if there is no love there is no my happy ending." - Brian, USA

"Happy ending comes from within on how u see it. $ makes a difference in one's life, but it also balances out with other things too. My happy ending is living in harmony with my family." - Paul, Germany

"My happy ending comes from not materialistic things but from a spiritual hope for the highest source, God." - Helen, USA

"I need love in my life to say this is my happy ending! My happy ending is not complete without it." - Kimberly, USA

My happy ending is feeling comfort and security." - Arthur, UK

"My happy ending is fulfill when there is nor more lie, cruelty, war, hunger and sickness anywhere." - Julie, USA

"My happy ending is something that I actually feel but can't describe it." - Nicole, USA

"For my happy ending just give me the right man!" - Anne, Russia

"My happiness is a day to day battle, and my happy ending is a victory." - Bruce, USA

"You will smile about my happy ending. I feel my happy ending after some alcohol, candles and a little soft music." - Christina, USA

"Money does play a major role in achieving my happy ending." - Carmen, Canada

"There is no happy ending. I don't believe you could ever get and buy everything you wish. You always want to get something else!" - Jeffrey, UK

"My happy ending is being alive and loved by girl, having favorite job and friends who consider me as one of theirs." - Richard, UK

"As for me I cannot wait for what life brings me tomorrow. I know that I have the choice to make whatever life I want. My happy ending is to live life to the fullest: to create a family and to achieve all my goals. When I do, I can say that it's my happy ending." - Sara, Israel

"My happy ending is living in my mind." - Andrew, Canada

"Happy ending for everyone is different and comes in different ways. My happy ending is not the same as yours and your happy ending may not be the same as mine." - Diana, UK

"My happy ending is watching my dreams come true." - Russell, USA

"My happy ending comes in all different shapes. I can achieve my happy ending almost in everything. I believe everyone can achieve happy ending in everything. People only should be more persistent." - Mary, USA

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Let you achieve your happy ending within you to enjoy living this life to the fullest!

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