Hapland Help

Hapland is a complete fun game where you have to decide by yourself how to reach your goal.

The gameplay consists of clicking the mouse to trigger events within the world of Hapland. Events may require clicking things multiple times, and some events may involve a bit of timing. Little stick figures will react to your actions and sometimes be killed in the process. But it's hard to do.

Two hints for you:
First hint is the big picture on the right, which shows you the goal.
Secondly there is a big walk-through for the lazy types among visitors.

More Help:

- Open all the windows and turn the red arrow around.
- Open the hatch on the right, click the yellow arrow to get a dude out.
- Fire one round in the low position to drop the bridge down.
- Fire the second round up at the bell and click the spike thing so it goes the other way just after the round hits the bell.
- Fire the next two round at the bridge, but click the bridge to knock them in the air and explode without causing damage.
- Click the light bulb by the dude at the bottom to get him to smash it.
- Fire the last round in the low position, and the bottom dude picks it up and opens the door with it.
- Then click the dude by the machine so he gets in it, and click the yellow arrow to get another guy out, get him to fire the other dude up at the bell.
- The dude by the bell will move the tower over if you click him. Then click the spike thing. Keep clicking the bell till it falls.
- Click the door in the bottom left so the guy comes out and just as he goes in the door on the right, click the bottom dude.
    A dog tries to chase him, but the falling concrete stops it.

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