Longevity Tests

There is a great variety of longevity tests. An internet search turns up multiple tests. When passing longevity test online ! remember that a majority of longevity tests is an educational experience, not an objective scientific analysis. This is a self-test for you to learn which of your habits work toward your longevity and optimum health and which do not. Many of the questions are valuable predictors of your longevity. Regardless of what you score, chances are you can do better with simple modifications of your lifestyle, nutrition, environment, and mental attitude. The rewards can be very significant in terms of a longer and more happier life. How we live and what we believe may be determining factors to our length of life. It's never too early or too late to stop the clock on the aging process.

So, do not take results of the longevity test very much to heart. Remember that longevity test is not a "verdict". It's a warning. Longevity tests help inspire people to make a positive improvement in their health, life style, thoughts and therefore in their longevity.

Change your answers and see how your lifespan changes along with it.

You will also find longevity games. See how your lifestyle can affect your life span by answering a certain number of questions. A longevity game will show your expected age. Keep in mind your answers may increase, decrease, or have no affect on your expected age.

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