Secret of Longevity. Secrets of Long-liver.

There are many factors influencing longevity. One is heredity. People who have a family history of long life are more likely to also enjoy a longer life span. Researchers say some people are born with genes that protect them from some of the diseases associated with aging, like heart disease and cancer.

Adoption of a healthy weight and lifestyle (no smoking, eating healthy foods and getting exercise) may also help reduce the risk of chronic medical conditions that can lead to an earlier death. On the other hand, certain occupations and environmental exposures can increase the risk of death through trauma or disease.

Longevity enhancers.
Find below a number of steps you can take to potentially live longer:

1. Have a positive attitude and improve your coping skills to daily stresses. Embrace the philosophy that "It's not what happens to me, it's what I make of it." Do you want to be happier and live longer? Make 3 easy exercises regularly and you will feel great changes in your life. Learn more...

2. Keep a healthy weight and reduce the number of calories consumed. Avoid very fat products (pork, cream etc) which hamper the digestion process. Caloric restriction prolongs life. Cutting calories may do more than help people shed excess weight, research suggests. According to a new report, a low-calorie diet may also slow age-related changes in the heart's genes that can lead to chronic disease. In the study, "middle-aged" 14-month-old mice were fed either a normal diet or one restricted in calories. When the mice reached 30 months of age, or the equivalent of 90 years of a human life span, the researchers analyzed their heart tissue. The hearts of mice on the low-calorie diets showed nearly 20% fewer age-related genetic changes and also appeared to have less DNA damage than those of mice on regular diets. Restricting calories also inhibited potentially disease-causing changes in the immune system, and suppressed apoptosis, or programmed cell death.
The second secret of longevity - eating less at any age prolongs life.

3. Eat healthy foods: fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood and legumes. Learn the recipe for longevity which reduces risk of heart disease.
Limit starch (like bread etc) intake - especially if you are overweight or tend to pick up weight easily.

4. Regular exercise and keep physically active. Regular stretching or yoga is helpful in keeping joints and ligaments supple. People who live long in different parts of the world explain their longevity by good physical condition and deep, cleansing breathing. It's not a secret.

5. Reduce consumption of foods cooked at high temperature. If frying twice, use fresh oil each time; do not use the same oil over again.

6. Avoid smoking cigarettes. Smokers die ten years younger on average than non-smokers
As if smokers need another reason to kick the habit, California scientists have discovered that nornicotine, a byproduct of nicotine, the substance that makes cigarettes so addictive, causes a type of chemical reaction in the body similar to that which occurs when sugar is scorched or food goes bad. This reaction is thought to play a role in diabetes, cancer and other diseases.

7. Have strong connections to others, whether through family and relatives, marriage, children, pets, or connecting with nature, planet earth, and the universe.

8. Get enough sleep.

9. Keep your mind young and active by learning.

10. Get enough fresh air.
Normally when a person breathes fresh air into the lungs, the oxygen in the air binds with a molecule called hemoglobin (Hb) that is found in red blood cells. This allows oxygen to be moved from the lungs to every part of the body. When the oxygen/hemoglobin complex reaches a muscle where it is needed, the oxygen is released. Try to surround yourself with nature. It is linked to longevity.

11. Limit coffee intake to one or two cups - chronic coffee consumption has a detrimental effect on aortic stiffness and wave reflections, which may increase the risk of cardiovascular or heart disease.

12. Use aroma lamp, take bath, get massage. They help to relax, forget about life problems, clean your mind and promote longevity.

13. Have loving and caring friends. It is considered that having a strong network of friends helps people live longer.

14. Discover ancient secrets of longevity. Click here to learn what ancient wisdom said about longevity.

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Secrets of Longevity