Aura Reading

learn how to read aura

 The colors of the aura provide a guide in understanding our inward, emotions, consciousness, state of health, energy processes and centers. Although not all of us are aware of our aura-reading ability, we sense auras through a combination of perceptions at the subconscious, instinctual level. Reading an aura reduce conflict and promote positive interaction with others by enabling you to see beneath the non-verbal signals which many people try to mask.

First of all you will need to practice reading auras under controlled conditions but later you will see them even in broad daylight or under harsh lighting. Auras can be seen in the mind's eye, although some people see them physically.

When reading an aura take into account the following:

Aura Placement

  • The right side emphasizes the masculine energy, the recent past or that which is leaving you.
  • Central light of the aura and above the head expresses what you are experiencing right now.
  • The left side emphasizes the feminine energy, the near future or that which is coming into your life.
The Shape of the Aura
  • If it is dark and narrow, this could mean that you are depressed, ill or afraid of something.
  • If it is bright and extended widely around you, this means that you are feeling happy and good about life.
  • If there are gaps/holes in your aura, this usually symbolizes a bad health (or some health problems), loss or a will to let go of something significant.
  • There are people who can feel the shape of the aura and treat it with closed eyes, just using their own energy.
  • If the aura is even on all sides, this means that you are well balanced.

Pass easy Color Therapy exercises that were designed to clean and strengthen the aura at all levels, support the balance of psycho-emotional life-issues and attract happiness.


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