Human Aura

Human aura is the energy field of glowing, colored light around the body. There are references made to the phenomenon of the human energy field (HEF) or the aura of the body, in 97 different cultures. Each of us has an aura that extends 1-6 feet from their skin in all directions. It is usually considered that there are 17 different colored bands of light but not everyone has all of these colors in their aura. The color closest to the body is called a personís life color or core color. There are just as many people that have two core colors as there are those that have one. The core color usually does not change throughout life as it is strongest by being close to the body. The bands of light that are outside the core color get progressively weaker and are more subject to change color based on physical health, way of thoughts, emotional state, current mood and personal circumstances, etc.

Each color of the human aura is indicative of very distinct personality traits. The bands of light can combine in an aura. Two people who have the same core color will not only have many personality traits in common but will have similar broad goals in life. They will also relate to other aura colors in a similar way and be drawn to career paths with a similar objective even if different means. Human aura may contain different colors, but one colour usually predominates. Try to understand your core color and how it relates to other colors better - you'll be able to improve your life for the better and become happy!

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